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Edgar Rice Burroughs - A Timeline of Pulp Sword and Planet Yarns

I'm not sure what started it, but at the age of 19 while I was just starting to try figuring out what to do with my life, I discovered Edgar Rice Burroughs. Particularly the Barsoom series. I think it was one of those things where I just happened upon it in the library, or maybe my dad had bought the Joe Jusko Burroughs card set, probably on sale and I probably liked the artwork. Between him and Michael Whelan, who did all the book covers for the Del Rey reprinting, they really shaped the Barsoom of my mind. Truly, if the John Carter movie had followed their lead, I would have enjoyed it more. But that's another topic.

At any rate, these cards got me to check out Burroughs and after reading the first book, I was hooked. I started to work through the books in the Barsoom series, picking up some at the library, and others at the used book store. It was during these trips to the second hand store that I discovered Burroughs had written more than just Tarzan and John Carter. I recall one trip got all 5 of the Venus books into my hands, and others got me the Pellucidar series and eventually all of the Mars books. Now you can get almost all of his work, a good chunk of Otis Kline's and a few others for free in Kindle or on Gutenberg (and Gutenberg Australia...if you're in Australia)

What struck me as cool though, was how Burroughs linked his stories together. Pelludicar has a Tarzan crossover, and Pellucidar's Jason Gridley crosses over into the Venus stories a bit as well as Barsoom. So they're all connected. Burroughs created the shared universe decades before Marvel comics did, and like a century before the Avengers movies thought of it. That to me was so cool, that his adventures all took place in the same literary universe. I suppose all writers do it to a point, why not?

Once I get more than a first book done, you can bet I'm going to connect them where it makes sense to.

At any rate as I was discovering Burroughs, and later longing for more I discovered Den Valdron's work. Den wasn't content with Burroughs' characters sharing their own universe, but he picked up on clues in many other works that in fact, these many other books could have also taken place in Burroughs' universe. Just on the sly.

And his previously linked article page breaks down all of these stories and how they fit into Barsoom, with some small modifications. It's flippin' amazing.

Now all of it doesn't work, some of it take with a grain of salt, but on the whole, if you read these other books as if they are part of the same universe, can help give you the feeling of a larger universe, lending to a larger more expansive space opera. Without Den's articles, I would never have rediscovered Lin Carter or his Burroughsian work. I never would have picked up Leigh Brackett, Farley or Otis Kline.

So it is to him and his articles that I am indebted to here for the below construction. I apologize on the formatting, I copied and pasted it from Excel and blogger doesn't give me a table function or an attach option. So try pasting it into Excel yourself and see if it works.

Basically, what I did was go through his articles (seriously, Den, dump those articles into word, format it and throw it on Kindle, I'll buy it for $3), take a quick look at some of the actual books mentioned and I threw them into a loose timeline. Take this with a grain of salt. I put them in the order that they should have happened, more or less, not when they were published. I don't consider it complete, or authoritative so feel free to modify it to suit your reading needs. I probably will/would modify as I read through the books just to get things right. I haven't read a lot of the Carter or Brackett stuff, so that could be totally off base, and meshing Burroughs with some of the authors was hard. I suppose you could mix it up more if you desired, but for now I put it in the order listed.

I mainly only included stuff directly related to Mars and the solar system at large that was a good tie in. I didn't include Tarzan, because there's so many, and I've read exactly 2 of them. He doesn't really need to be on this list, overall. I put it on the list also if it was unique, like the Caspak stuff or Pellucidar.

At any rate, enjoy.

Pulp Solar System Timeline  Book Author
Approximate Date of Event
Ancient Era  ? 
Ancient Past Sword of Rhiannon Brackett
Ancient Past Down to a Sunless Sea Carter after time travel
Ancient Past Flame of Iridar Carter
Ancient Past The City Outside the World Carter
Ancient Past Warriors of Mars Moorcock
Ancient Past Blades of Mars  Moorcock
Ancient Past Barbarians of Mars Moorcock
Pulp era 1865 - 1945
1866 A Princess of Mars  Burroughs
1870 Gulliver of Mars Arnold
1886 Gods of Mars Burroughs
1886 Warlord of Mars Burroughs
1897 The Crystal Egg Wells
1898 Thuvia Maid of Mars Burroughs
1898 Chessmen of Mars Burroughs   Barsoom
1899 Mars The Homefront Effinger   Earth Proper/Moon
1899 LXG 2 Prelude Moore   Pellucidar
1899 First Men in the Moon  Wells   Venus
1899 War of the Worlds Wells   Jupiter and its Moons
1899 War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches Various   Events mentioned
1903 At the Earth's Core Burroughs
1913 Pellucidar Burroughs
1916 The Land That Time Forgot Burroughs
1916 The  People That Time Forgot Burroughs
1916 Out of Time's Abyss Burroughs
1917 Mastermind of Mars Burroughs Delivered in 1925
1920 Swordsman of Mars Kline delivered in 1930ish
1920 Outlaws of Mars Kline
1923 Aelita Tolstoy
1925 Tanar of Pellucidar Burroughs reported in 1928
1926 Tarzan at the Earth's Core Burroughs
1926 Back to the Stone Age  Burroughs
1926 Land of Terror Burroughs
1926 Radio Planet Farley
1928 Pirates of Venus Burroughs
1928 Lost on Venus Burroughs
1929 A Fighting Man of Mars Burroughs
1929 Planet of Peril Kline
1930 Prince of Peril Kline
1930 Port of Peril  Kline
1933 A Vision of Venus Kline
1933 Swords of Mars   Burroughs
1937 Carson of Venus Burroughs
1937 Out of the Silent Planet Lewis
1938 Synthetic Men of Mars Burroughs
1939 Llana of Gathol Burroughs
1940 Escape on Venus Burroughs
1940 Wizard of Venus  Burroughs
1940 John carter and the Giant of Mars Burroughs
1940 Perelandra Lewis
1940     Mentioned in Moon Maid, contact with Mars.
1945 That Hideous Strength Lewis
1964 Maza of the Moon Kline
1967     Solid contact with Mars, Moon Maid. Commerce of ideas
1943 Skeleton Men of Jupiter Burroughs
1972 Jandar of Callisto Carter
1972 Black Legion of Callisto Carter
1973 Sky Pirates of Callisto Carter
1975 Mahars of Pellucidar Holmes
1975 Mad Empress of Callisto Carter
1975 Mind Wizards of Callisto Carter
1975 Lankar of Callisto Carter
  Ylana of Callisto Carter
  Renegade of Callisto Carter
1979 Journey to the Underground World Carter
1980 Zanthodon Carter
1981 Hurok of the Stone Age Carter
1981 Darya of the Bronze Age Carter
1982 Eric of Zanthodon Carter
2015     First Mars to Earth Trip
2025 Moon Maid Burroughs Trade with Mars established?
2100 The Moon Men Burroughs
2408 Red Hawk (Moon Men pt ii)  Burroughs
Colonial Era  Suggested dating starts in the 1960's, but can go up to 2100's - 2300's
? Down to a Sunless Sea Carter
? Martian El Dorado Carter
? The Valley Where Time Stood Still Carter
? The City Outside the World Carter
? Down to a Sunless Sea Carter Before Time travel
? Black Amazon of Mars Brackett
? Eric John Stark:  Outlaw of Mars Brackett (People of the Talisman and Secret of Sinharat)
? Coming of the Terrans Brackett
? Nemesis from Terra Brackett
? Beast Jewel of Mars Brackett
2150 The Man Who Loved Mars  Carter approx date

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