Thursday, January 21, 2016

Who are the Myrmidons?

The characters of "In the Shadows of Myrmidons" were largely left undescribed intentionally, even though Nick and I have in our minds "canonical" images of the characters. However, it was mainly my decision to describe the characters only up to a point, to leave the characters deliberately vague, so you readers and teens can insert you and your friends into the stories. Sure, Snake is overweight and has curly hair, but that will surely mean something different to you than it does for me.

In fact, if you want to, please upload your fan art of the characters to deviantart and share a link to it in the comments.

That being said, I want to take a step back. Myrmidons takes place a good 20 or so years after the final adventures of a superhero group called the Myrmidons of Hope. One day I would hope to get into some prequel novels for them, because in working on their backstories, I've actually been seeing alot of interesting potential in their stories. At the moment, and this is a scoop, I am working on a book that gives a little more of the background of the original Myrmidons. I'm not sure if it will be a solo effort or if Nick will add anything. Perhaps he can do a small solo book in the same vein, and I would actually like to see that.

So, just for kicks...when we get around to a myrmidons of hope story, this is what it might look like. Nick may have his own ideas though.

While "In the Shadows of Myrmidons" is populated by characters who are largely anonymous, the original Myrmidons of Hope would be cast like so: 

Robbie D'Imperio - the only Myrmidon to appear in story so far would be played by Michael Biehn. For his younger adventures, I would cast the younger version of him from Terminator. For his older version that mentor's Snake, the currently aged Michael Biehn is perfect. While I have yet to draw a good picture of him in costume, this is the man for the job. He was tough as nails in two of my favorite James Cameron movies, but he also has a vulnerable human "everyman" quality.

Dean Garrett, aka Shadowcloak - For the man who is Robbie's longtime and closest friend, the man who has abused the superhero fountain of youth so much that he remembers 7 different origin stories, I can think of only one man to play this character. Just based on pictures of the man. He is incredibly handsome, the
ladies love him. He has got serious acting ability as evidenced by his earlier career. And he's also got some good butt kicking ability. He can pull off the "man about town" and "dark vigilante" better than anyone. I'm talking about Adrian Brody. He is the master pimp.

Next up is a character who is only mentioned a couple of times, but her role in the past was quite important. Her name...

La Pistolera Plata - Not much has been revealed about her, other than she was a gun toting heroine on the Myrmidons of Hope. More of her back story will be unveiled in the next book that comes out. Her actual adventures will have to wait until the prequel stories come out. Whatever the case, Nick and I were both in agreement that Monica Bellucci was the only woman I think who could pull it off. Just look at this picture I posted, because most of the ones of her on the web are racy. Just saying. If we feature her in a 90's story, obviously her current look would be sufficient.

The next character has only been mentioned briefly in the sole book we have published. His name - Mr. Invulnerable. For Mr. Invulnerable, who is rather undeveloped at this point, I always had a vibe similar to Recoom from Dragon Ball Z. The only human alive, past or present, who even came close to giving off this
vibe is Dolph Lundgren. As a kid, my dad watched Rocky IV a lot. His focus was especially on the boxing matches with Dragov and the training montages. I don't know why, but even when I was young I was captivated by it. And actually, the Rocky series is a damn good movie series as I recall. Mr. Invulnerable's young version would be Dolph in his prime as Dragov. But don't fret, if he needed to make a modern day appearance, Dolph could still break you in half. He'd ideally look a little less old, but not by much, and that could still be achieved with good makeup and a little CGI.

There are a couple more characters to consider, but at this time, this is a good start. When I get my (possibly) independent small project out, I will do a casting call for those characters.


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