Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Soundtrack of the Novel of In the Shadows of Myrmidons

I post this with little formatting just to get it out there with the intention of maybe cleaning it up. For now, enjoy it as it is. I'll have to at any rate, as I notice it's short like 5 videos...I can account for a couple, but not sure on the rest..

The idea to come up with a soundtrack for the novel "In the Shadows of Myrmidons" is not exactly hubris, though perhaps there is some, but created from a desire to share with everyone part of the whole vision that I, and maybe Nick, had for these stories. As far back as my senior year of high school I was coming up with soundtracks for stories I wrote and this is a continuation of that premise.

It's also birthed from the desire to, I guess, emulate things that came before. I guess I'm bitin' on someone else's style. 

I've loved star wars books since middle school, and not only does "Myrmidons" sort of follow the format of a star wars book (each character has separate, but ultimately related, adventures) but it also takes a page from "Star Wars:  Shadows of the Empire" specifically. This book had a soundtrack, and it was excellent, on par with anything Williams did. Of course it also had a videogame, toys and comics, but those are beyond my ability. For now. Although I have a couple ideas for board games if anyone is interested in such. OR if anyone wants to work on a phone game or toys, I'd be down for that.

"Shadows of the Empire" did a soundtrack in the tradition of classical music works being inspired by literary works. While I haven't found any specific examples of that, I took Joel Mcneely's's liner notes at face value and sort of extended the idea in this way because I can't read, write or play music outside of pressing play.

As I was working on Myrmidons, there was a good chunk of music I listened to for inspiration, some of which ended up in this list. Much of it, though is stuff I put a lot of thought into as I reread the novel and tried to think of music that would work as a soundtrack. Many tracks are really what I would use, many are "close enough" and convey the mood, but not quite. Many songs would also use just a small portion, but it's beyond my ability to do that, so you get the whole song.

My rules for selecting songs were that any in-story songs which generally meant songs with lyrics had to be from prior to 1996, because I didn't want to be anachronistic. Meanwhile instrumental pieces I viewed as a score being written in modern times, so some of the instrumental pieces I chose are relatively recent
So below, here is the track list for the YouTube playlist (link). The format is as follows. The queue/scene from the novel, the actual song name (because I have no doubt some clown will have some of these songs removed sooner or later, and in fact this has already happened) and maybe a description of why I chose it or another amusing anecdote.

So until someone with a musical talent contacts me and wants to write a score for the fun of it or needs a novel to inspire them to write a score, this is it. Also, please buy the book on Nook or Kindle. Maybe Createspace once I can get the price down.

1 phantom bowman sneaks in
(La resa dei conti - morricone)

The early part of this song, aka the music box part, has kind of a sad and ominous feeling to it, which also sounded to me quiet enough to double as a stealth song.

2 in the lair
(Earthbound - cave of the past)

3 in the lair
(Earthbound giygas path(?) )

4 in the lair
(Earthbound giygas intro)

5 battle with Cycloptika
Super metroid mother brain battle

Songs 2 - 5 were games I had thoroughly enjoyed in middle school all the way thru to adulthood. Creepy at times, scary and epic. A perfect assortment for a final battle. 

6 hospital
Moonlight sonata

It's classical for a reason. 

7 theme song
Invincible - pat benatar 

When we were young and idealistic enough to have absurdly expansive dreams, Nick and I wrote these stories out as if they'd be scripts for comics or TV series. Every good TV show needs a good theme song, and pat benatar was the only artist epic enough to do ours. This song was always Nick's choice for our theme song, and I liked it so much I agreed.  

8 & 9  Chaz's abduction
Soul reaver underworld theme
Soul reaver cathedral (reaver) 

Kurt Harland, formerly of the band Information Society, is probably one of the most underrated musicians of our day. He did the soundtrack for X-Men 2: Clone Wars and the Soul Reaver games. Creepy, moody and sometimes chilling, the music of Soul Reaver is an excellent fit for this scene and others to follow. 

10 Snake awake
Chronotrigger Ruined World Eternal Derelict from Overclocked Remix by CotMM-68030

This song conveys kind of a hopeless, bleak outlook. Probably because it's a post-apocalyptic...uh... ruined world. I chose this version because I really have a thing for ambient soundscapes and blurring the lines between regular sounds and music to create something otherworldly. In this case, I like how the ambient sounds create an atmosphere that matches the scene I wanted.

This will hopefully also introduce you to the work of a talented musician you might otherwise never heard. 

11 the gates of alphacowomooga
The Advantage Castlevania intro and stage one by Elf-titled

This scene where snake stands at the entrance to Alphacowomooga was written as an homage to the intro to the first Castlevania game, thus the music. I like this version because it is a harder rock version and it's an indie artist. Though the intro is all that I needed, it's a good song. 

12 &  13 Locker Room Brawl
Steel bars by Michael Bolton
Concrete Jungle by the Specials

Without spoiling too much, the choice of Steel Bars was inspired by a friend from my church who had been in a gang. It was one of his favorite songs, and really, gangsters like love songs too, because they're human beings too. He also listened to boy bands. Once, he put a CD in my car and I was expecting Lil Jon, but out came Backstreet Boys. What I felt is like when Charlie Murphy said Prince made him pancakes. I have since gained some respect for the work of BSB, actually.

Concrete Jungle, just because it's a good fight song.

14 Gazzo and Malcolm
Agahnim's theme from zelda 3

From the early parts of Zelda 3 I believe, this was the song for the evil wizard that you fight prior to ending up in the Dark World. I thought it had an ominous feel for a villain, but not a villain who's at the top. Certainly it works for two antagonists plotting out some wickedness.
Which of the two characters does it represent? Is it a clue? Read the book! 

Still, I'm not sure why someone felt the need to extend this song out to 30 minutes, 3 would probably suffice. Skip once you've had enough.

15 Dan, From a Locker
Strago's theme from Final fantasy VI

Poor Dan! Just a goofy theme for a goofy intro. 

16 Los Tiburones in the Alley
Maximum Carnage - Supervillains 

Green Jell-O, and yes that is what I was introduced to them as, first captured my attention with their 3 little pigs video when I was in maybe 7th grade.  Not long after that I picked up Maximum Carnage came out, and while the game was impossibly hard, it made an impact on me. Great cameos, great characters, impossible odds against Spider-Man, and most importantly, an awesome soundtrack. Supervillains was probably my favorite track in the game and really is great battle music.

17 (re)Introducing, Robbie D'Imperio
Lifting Shadows off a Dream

I started this list so long ago that I can't remember why I chose this as a song here. So...let me BS something quick. Robbie is a character who has suffered great loss, as you'll recall...since I assume you're reading the book. When he meets Snake, that baggage comes with him but so does some small glimmer of hope that things are going to change. This song by Dream Theater has a hopeful feel to me while at the same time possessing an ominous and wary undertone.

18 Chat With Robbie
Final Fantasy VII - Trail of Blood

An excellent instrumental piece, again with multiple emotional undertones. There's more than a few FF7 songs on here because the game came out in my senior year, which is also when I started writing in earnest. My friend Kevin gave me a tape with some songs from FF7 and I guess they stuck with me. Especially since I later bought the soundtrack.

19 Malcolm and Mitchell
Xizor's theme - Star Wars Shadows of the Empire

Prince Xizor was a top dog in the underworld, it only makes sense that his theme be used for nefarious dealings.

20 Snake's new Routine
Standin' on the Top - Rick James
Compared to living homeless on the streets, Snake's life has taken a drastic shift for the better. He's on top of the world you might say. Rick James has the energy someone on top of the world might.

21 snake and Scarlett talk
Look of love - the zombies

Nuff said.

22 chaz's solitude
Beginning of the nightmare 

Chaz gets all the cool songs, the moody RPG and videogame pieces. Probably because videogames are full of people with dark powers, and RPGs in particular. Again, FF7 was a favorite in my senior year of high school which is when I started writing, and this song sets the mood.

23 Robbie's basement
Everybody Wants some

Better Off Dead, where I first heard this song, burned this song into my mind as something heard while some tortured genius is at work. Which is why it's perfect for a gym, because gyms are all about torture.

24 hangin with dan
Super mario 2 gypsy jazz

They're playing mario 2 in this scene, and it's a unique take on the song.

25 the museum
Dr. Andonuts lab theme from earthbound

This song may also appear in the fourside museum in earthbound. Not sure, it's been a while.since I played it. It works as a nice calm museum ambient music. 

26 Tiburones in the museum
Soul Reaver 2 overland

While not specifically a theme for los Tiburones, this music fits the mood of the scene. Menacing, but not overtly filled with danger, the promise of potential conflict is well conveyed.

27 the gangs of alphacowomooga
Officer cadet - final fantasy tactics

An analytical feeling song for snakes commentary of the gangs.

28  brought before principal Malcolm
Chronotrigger the trial in concert oc remix version

A farcical meeting/trial should take place with this music. If it weren't for this song being a tad cheerful, it'd be an excellent fit for Franz Kafka's novel, the trial. 
This is not the only time this song appears.

29 chaz vs los Tiburones
Twist and crawl by the English beat
30 powdered milk man - the aquabats

31 ironside excerpt - QuincyJones

These 3 songs encapsulate the brief fight that ensues. Two of the songs are fight songs  played by Frank on his tape-deck, the last is just a good song excerpt for some about to lose their mind, as seen in Kill Bill. So sadly, I did ripoff, I mean "homage" Tarantino. But he's been doing to others for  like twenty years, so I'm sure he won't mind me borrowing the idea for one totally unrelated story and situation.
Especially since no one buys my novel.

32 snakes discovery
Bloody excrement - final fantasy tactics 

33 ovelias anxiety - final fantasy tactics
There's an uneasy sense of danger and later a sad feeling that goes with these two songs respectively. Given what snake finds in the alley, it's appropriate.

34 the pink shirt gangs enter the school
Turks' theme from Final fantasy 7

35 axe gang theme from kung fu hustle

The Turks in final fantasy 7 were well dressed thugs with a cool theme song to match. Though well dressed, they weren't exactly a pushover. 

The them for the axe gang in kung fu hustle conveyed a similar sentiment, but with a little more edge, pardon the pun. 

Both songs work well for the early ventures of the pink shirt gang, a gang which took fashion to the next level with their pink dress shirts. But they not only took fashion to the top, they took power with them. 

36  pool hang out
She bop - cyndi lauper

A fun, 80s, hanging out with friends song. I'm not a huge cyndi lauper fan, and in fact, this is one of two songs of hers I really like, but nick is a huge fan and so it's there for him.
In the late 90s, the 80s music was my thing, as was classic NES and 80s movies. Nick was into all that too, so we were hipsters nostalgic for the 80s about 20 years before the 80s nostalgia began. So for this group of friends to listen to 80s songs while hanging out would be something that we would have done. In theory...

37 Dine 'n Dash
Cait sith theme - final fantasy 7 

Playful theme for a playful scene about a couple of kids committing petty larceny. 

38 warlock house and battle
Final fantasy 7 heavy mako song

39 final battle with gannon ocarina of time
A tense build up to a battle between two evil magic users. Gannon was always a hardcore evil wizard and his music was pretty intense as well.

40 Robbie's recruitment drive
Final fantasy tactics hero theme

This music is from one of those lull moments between battles in FFT, it implies action isn't far away, because in game, it isn't.

Here, too, Robbie is doing his part to clean up the streets giving people a fresh start, but there's also the promise that preparation for a conflict is happening.

41 a new morning routine
The Crowd - operation ivy

The lyrics in this song are so spot on sometimes with how I see life in our society. We zip through our mornings getting ready to go be part of an impersonal crowd, to become a cog in the big machine. We sacrifice our time of solitude to blindly join the crowd.
Snake gets ready with a new daily routine, and a better one, but in the end he's still going out to join the crowd. But Snake, as a Christian, is in the crowd, not of the crowd. 

42 history paper
Soul Reaver - ruined city

An ominous and spooky song for what snake uncovers in his history paper.

43 Malcolm and chaz
Axe gang theme

If this were a real score written by a real musician, this meeting between chaz and Malcolm would feature a reprise/variation of the pink shirt theme, which for now is represented by the axe gang theme.

44 cafeteria battle: pink shirts vs the vendors
Trisection - final fantasy tactics 

What can I say? A game about battles has great fight music.

45 the past ain't what it used to be/contact with Robbie
Il tramanto 

For some reason, ennio morricone's music has found its way into a scene with Robbie. Morricone's earlier work is certainly a favorite of mine and here the somber tune helps Robbie's story gain needed weight.

46 Robbie remembers
The last day of the world - chrono trigger

Robbie remembers the past, and tells his young audience how different it was, because a conspiracy changed it. The day of lavos music here conveys a lost past that is unrecoverable.

47 Malcolm (?)
You...who are you?

48 chaz meditates
Soul Reaver 2 dark dangerous combat

The dark music of the soul reaver series finds another spot during this scene where chaz increases his dark powers. 

49 Myrmidon's lessons
Palpatine's teachings 

Alternative track 

50 - folds of color - ten72 

The evil spirit Myrmidon passes on dark powers to his pupil/ward in the physical realm. Palpatine's music is always a great way to convey evil.

The alternate track is from a Minnesota band/musician and has to be listened to here as they are not on YouTube. The spacey, ominous droning and ambient sound is also disconcerting in a way. If you like that song, buy his album and support an independent artist. You can also click on the "Folds of Color" hyperlink above to hear that specific song.

51 snake vs butcher block and soul glo
Instruments of destruction - N.R.G.

Just another hard core battle song for yet another fight.

52 exp?!
Fanfare final fantasy 7
A successful battle deserves good fanfare.

53 B Train South
Rescue from cloud city (5:07 and after )


54 NYC riding an empty r142-(7) train

55  subway sax
Too many zoox baritone sax

56 library
Resident Evil 2 front hall police station 

Light piano and some ambience in the background. The main hall of the raccoon city police department is deserted, yet in the midst of many hostile zones. This part of the story, the characters in this scene are in a safe place, yet what they learn could put them in danger, and in fact before and after  danger could find them.

57  cafe claudio
1/1 music for airports - Brian Eno 

Background music at it's best.

58 jerome jones
Lost pieces - chrono cross disc 1 

Lost pieces indeed are what our heroes find here when they meet Jerome Jones. The information he provides is vital to uncovering the threads of conspiracy, and perhaps more.

59  refunds in study hall
We're not gonna take it - twisted sister

Because, we're not gonna take it! 

60 duchamp
Pick up the pieces - the average white band

For whatever reason, duchamp was whistling this after cleaning up some defeated gangsters. Ask Nick, it was his idea.

61 J, on the hunt
In pursuit - final fantasy tactics

Another track that's kinda self explanatory. Final fantasy usually has good music for any situation. 

62  display case
Spinach rag, final fantasy 6 disc 2

Bunny-suiting and then putting defeated enemies into the school's display case is humiliating. This song is playful enough to get that across.

63 the throne of chaz
Ultimate koopa - Mario 64

Final boss music almost always is awesome and really intense. And although this is final boss music, this is not the final battle by any means. In fact, this is just the intro to the battle!

64 chaz vs snake!
Option 1 - new world symphony 4th movement- dudamel 

Hands down, Dudamel conducting this piece is the best I've ever heard. Its full of frantic energy, and if you watch the video, the perfomers look like they're playing like their lives depend on it. Too bad I can't find him doing all 4 movements, so instead the Willemberg version is the best version of all 4 movements.

65 Option 2 - Carmina Burana - o fortuna
O fortuna was one of Nick's excelent choices, and though it's one of those overused pieces, like vivaldi's 4 seasons, it's an excellent high energy piece 

66 - defeat
Earthbound - a bad dream

Early in earthbound, this song becomes quite familiar. It's disheartening. 

67 chaz plays myrmidon's game
Blue flowers - kool Keith (dr. Octagon) 

Dr. Octagon is a rather dark album, and as such I rarely if ever listen to it anymore. This song in particular has rather dark feeling music behind it which really fits chaz's new direction. 

68 subway ride back
Subway sound effects new.York subway station

If I had the talent, this would be an ambient piece with real subway sounds and some somber lite tunes. Since I don't, this is all you get. Keep buying the book and I'll take some music and fiction lessons.

69 Snake, meet lou starblazer
Gold lust theme, gold dust 4th theme
This song sounds way, way more epic than it really should. As a result, it's the only music epic enough, in the right way, to work in this situation where snake meets the father of Scarlett, the girl he loves.  

70 cyndi starblazer
Soul reaver sunlight glyph suspense 

71 soul reaver drowned abbey

72 soul reaver sunlight glyph

73 soul reaver sunlight glyph 

Any or all of these tracks would serve for the introduction of cyndi starblazer, Scarlett's older sister. Interesting that the soul reaver music has been mostly for chaz up until this point, does it mean something? It's something to think about.

74 chaz's bender
9volt - man or astroman

75 - bottle down - the assassinators (not available on youtube)

76 - onyonghasayo - skankin pickle

Chaz goes out and gets wasted to deal with recent events. Man or astroman has some excellent tunes that are perfect for a bender. The other song, I couldn't find on YouTube and don't know how to upload. Bottle Down was on the 2nd American Skathic album, which is an album you should buy if you like ska.
The skankin pickle song is just another good, late 90s ska song. 

77 backdoor...
Metal gear solid alert theme (two tracks, but should be one)

It makes sense when you read the story. 

78 more power
Seven notes in black - Vince tempera orchestra 

79  fanatics - final fantasy 6

Chilling, yet powerful. A perfect introduction to chaz gaining more power. The music grows darker as chaz takes more steps into the darkness.

80 church
Prayer - Castlevania symphony of the night

Not especially biblical or Christian, but a nice quiet song reminiscent of going to church I guess.

81 snake vs handsome phils and grabass
Backfire - final fantasy tactics 

Another good battle song, followed by in story battle music which is...

82 Copacabana - barry manilow

I wrote that scene before manilow came out as gay, and so the commentary in the story is meant to accurately reflect the time it took place in, when "gay" and "retarded" were used in less PC ways, especially by teen boys. And to be honest, I hate political correctness anyways. If something I say truly offends you so deeply, then you've given me far too much power over you. In any event, I do not mean it as an insult to Mr. Manilow as I do like his music. And although a character in my story uses a pejorative, I would not do so in real life to someone as I try to respect everybody I interact with.

83 chaz stalls
One - apocalyptika
No real comments here.

84 audience with top jimmy
The stick - the time

Nothing like morris day and the time to set the mood for the nicest pimp in the five boroughs. 

85 snake's war council
Forest of cutting shadows - chrono cross

Not much to say here other than I chose this song because it's thoughtful, sad and has something else beneath the surface that I can't place.

86  connerlee's bathroom accident
Holy diver - dio

A hard rockin song for someone who's rightfully angry.

87 montage
Crazy train - ozzy Osborne

Good montage music for new phantom bowman to get dressed too. Because you'd have to be crazy to be a supehero.

88 return of the phantom bowman
Exhibit 13  - blue man group

This piece reminded me, sort of, of the western music Of morricone, but different and new. Well, the phantom bowman is different and new, but the similar theme was warranted.
And a couple more montage songs maybe, or just background music while the bowman chats.

89 we don't need another hero - tina turner (M6P, this is for you, and well everyone)
90 holding out for a hero - Bonnie Tyler 

91 bowman: first interrogation
Jouney in the dark - fellowship of the ring 

Interrogation, and actually torture to get "desperately needed" information is a journey in the dark, no matter what it is. But do the ends justify the means? 

You, dear reader, have to figure that out. Especially give. The worldview of the character doing it.

92  warlock house
Soul reaver 2 overland 

93 soul reaver 2 overland combat

Good old fashioned, danger filled skulking music. Yes it appeared earlier, but it works well here too. In a real music score, they'd be different pieces, but in my OST here, we're just going for mood in most cases.

94 fire!
destruction of xizor's palace (alternate)

95 Lower Norfair
Because Norfair is hot!

96 ashes of victory
Cohkka - apocalyptica

97 unforgiven - apocalyptica
Couple good songs for brooding and reflection.

98 meeting with the Senate
The trial in concert - overclocked remix 

Another farce of an official meeting. 

99 scarlett discovers a mission
Red sky at night - david Gilmour
A somber tune for a somber mission.

100 stakeout
Faraway - apocalyptica

Another mood setting piece, moving us into darker places.

101  the phantom bowman cleans school
Hammer to fall - queen

The hammer falls, and the bowman takes on alphacowomooga.

102 phone call to gazzo's overlord
Earthbound - cave of the past

Well, there's a reason for recurring themes...

103 purvis' alarm
Ironside excerpt

Reused song, but this time it's because it sounds like an alarm.

104 lockpicking
Sneaking under the shield - the clone wars 

105 strelnikov
Destroying the shield - the clone wars 

A couple songs from the otherwise mediocre score for the clone wars theatrical movie. Just some suitable sneaking then action music.

106 searching krueger's house
Radical Dreamers - sneaking around 

Sneaking around in Krueger's house is not for the faint of heart. The radical dreamers soundtrack is amazing, and this song from it brings us some much needed creepiness.

107 encounter with top jimmy
Get it up - the time

Because Morris Day, as seen in purple rain and graffiti bridge, is the epitome of a well dressed, professional pervert. And a good musician/performer.

108 Krueger pt 2
The last of us - outbreak

The creepiness intensifies.

109 Krueger pt 3
Soul Reaver 2 overland 

110 soul reaver overland combat
Again, for mood.

111 snake vs top jimmy
Jerkout - the time

112 confronting Krueger
Suite from restless - buffy the vampire slayer

More creepy stuff.

113 cappafaroe catwalk
Don't be cruel - bobby Brown

Bobby Brown was IT in the late 80s. That's all I have to say. Between him and Prince, I don't think I heard much else worth listening to on the radio. And prince's stuff might have been mostly Purple Rain stuff.

114 consulting cyndi starblazer
Creepy music box extended 

More creepy music, but for cyndi? One of our heroes? Something isn't right here...you'll have to wait and see.

115 chaz at full power
Battle with the masked man - mother 3 - 244

Just before the N64 came out Nintendo advertised two things that i will never forget. The first, that you could play as darth vader, something that wasn't possible until the episode iii game or the force unleashed. The second was that Earthbound 2/Mother 3 was going to be on the N64. 

I watched the "Coming Soon" or future releases section. There Earthbound 2 sat for several years and one day disappeared. It disappeared, not because it was released, but because it was cancelled. 

It wasn't until years later, probably like ten, when the game was actually finished and released for the gameboy advanced - exclusively in Japan. Luckily, there are ways to play it and get through the story and listen to the music. For this reason, I refused to buy a Wii, even though I had bought a Gamecube. While the gameplay and music isn't as good as earthbound, it's still good, and this song was one I wanted to use from the game. It's kinda sad, but also conveys a sense of power. 

116  Girl Encounter
Just a dream - nena

This is just a song by one of my fav 80s bands that I used to listen to when I was thinking about girls I had a crush on - but was way too shy to talk to.

117 girl encounter - alternate track
Will you still love me tomorrow - the zombies 

Because, believe it or not, there are men who wonder about that too.

118 another alternate track 
She's a lady - tom Jones 

Because tom jones is the sh#$.

119 frank's answer
Tell her no - zombies 

Sometimes, men and boys, you should just tell a woman no.

120 chaz threatens Malcolm
Soul Reaver 2 elder theme basic 

I don't know why or how, but Kurt Harland really stepped his game up for the music in soul reaver 2. This music is filled with ominous danger, despite nothing really happening in the game.
Kurt Harland, if you read this, give us more music! And give us more music! Just start doing scores for novels or comics and selling them online. You can do more X-Men, then do all the other comics.

121 Scarlett...kidnapped!
zero's theme mmx4 played by cezar bastitao 

Great rendition!

122 Snake Vs Malcolm
Mourning Bell - lunar the silver star

The music of lunar games are something that I really enjoyed in my younger, more idealistic days. This song in particular is especially fitting for someone worrying about the status of a loved one, which, snake is. 

123 dan in chaz's pad
Dark ambient subway 

Dark ambient is kind of an emerging genre. I don't like all of it, and would actively discourage you from listening to some of it, but it fuses industrial sounds and deep music.  

124 auditorium hijinks
Final fantasy vii - it's difficult to stand on both feet 

A playful song for a silly scene.

125 dan comes through
Final fantasy ix - cid's theme

126 sal and mal meet
Final fantasy tactics - the cardinal's anger

When dark forces plot, they need a good song.

127 church
Prayer - Castlevania symphony of the night

128 bowman vs gary and easy hopper
Reverb 10,000 - man or astroman

Man or astroman, while not my favorite band, certainly has some good music. Especially for fighting. 

129 interrogation
Super 16 Neu 

This music really helps drive home the point that certain characters are treading into darker territory that they shouldn't be.

130 chaz's power grows
Soul Reaver sound glyph

131 bowman bursts in
Metal gear alert phase

132 jango's escape - star wars  episode ii

133  nerd night
Star trek deep space 9 theme

Star trek ds9 was the first time, and the last time, that I was interested in star trek AND a new one was coming out. Though I wanted to, I didn't catch every episode. I did catch every episode I could, but for a variety of reasons I missed probably most of the episodes thst aired. Still, whenever I had the chance, ds9 was on my to do list. It's probably my favorite of the series that have been made.

134 party interrupted
Blackstreet - no diggity

Alternate track 

135 dance floor - zapp and roger

136 sneaking to mitchell
Succession of witches - final fantasy 8

137 chaz vs Mitchell
Kurgan's theme

Chaz believes he's becoming a god among men. The Kurgan, from Highlander, probably felt the same way. 

138 the bowman's failures
Jerkin' back and forth - devo

139 hallways chase
Count on me - Spider-Man rock reflections of a super hero

There's two reasons for this song being here. First this concept album based on Spider-Man and the life of peter parker really touched me as I entered adulthood. I had found the cd for sale in the comic store and loved it. Each song is a different genre of music, and for someone who had much in common with Peter Parker, it really touched my heart.

The other reason is that this scene, for no particular reason, was reminiscent of scooby doo. And scooby usually had some sort of goofy, upbeat song that played while the monster was chasing everyone and the gang was trying to capture them. The songs for scooby doo chase music that i could find didn't have the right feeling for a scooby doo chase, which sounds strange. Even stranger, this song did. 

You figure it out...

140 snakey, snakey, time to wakey
El Bimbo - paul mauriat

Laugh while you can. Yes, this is the song from the blue oyster bar in police academy. Yes I like this song, and I don't care what you think. 

Now, this song also has one other claim to fame, other than being someones's song. And yes you should listen to Mauriat's other music. This song was basically used as the hotel music in earthbound. Why? I don't know. 

141 growing pains theme song
It makes sense when you read the story. Please buy it and do so.

Honestly though, I never had a problem with the show growing pains. I rarely got to watch it though, because my mom hated Alan thicke. 

142 interrogation
Esperanto del futuro - man or astroman

Just another awesome song by them. I probably actually would have used Prince's "computer blue" because it's alluded to in the book, but he had such a tight (purple) reign on his music that it really wasn't on YouTube or anything I could use. 

When I started this list, he was still alive, and with his passing, I don't expect that will change. At least not til his heirs find out how to make money selling his vault and making money by putting his music on a vevo channel. 

Prince heirs, if you want me to work at the prince museum that you should make in Paisley Park, let me know.

143 confronting malcolm
Zero's theme again

144  race to save Scarlett
Minecart chase - john Williams - Indiana Jones and the temple of doom

145 jailbreak
Ballroom blitz - tia carrerre 

Her's was the first version I heard, and personally I like it better than the others. And that's all I'll say about Ms. Carrerre without incriminating myself should anyone I know read this.

I believe a version of this song was also in the trailers for kung fu hustle, so there's another connection. 

146 your princess is in another castle!
(Song from mario) 

While it was the most frustrating thing playing the first super mario game as a 5 - 6 year old, it eventually became kind of a running joke that anyone who's played the game would understand. And Scarlett just has that kind of humor.

147 chaz's surprise
Fatal weakness - goldeneye soundtrack

When Goldeneye 007 came out for N64, I played the HELL out of it. To boot, it increased my love for the movie and got me on board with Brosnan as 007. So I bought the soundtrack and listened to that. When I started writing, this song has always been staple song in all the reptilian authority stories.I've written. Usually it was for the third book, but well, it's been burning a hole in my playlist. 

148 escape plans
Mary jane - rick james

While I don't condone marijuana use, and in fact abhor it, it did play a role in this scene. In case the rick james song didn't give it away. I do admit I kind of borrowed from the movie "stir crazy".

149 fire!
Fully functional - star trek first contact

Despite starting the ruination of the Borg, First Contact had a couple redeeming moments. This was one of them.

150 robbie consoles snake
With magypsy - mother 3 

Mother 3 (Earthbound's sequel) had alot of good stuff going for it. Including this song.

152- rabble rousing
Snoke - star wars the force awakens

Probably one of the few redeeming points from the force awakens. The soundtrack was OK, I had hoped to see williams pass the torch on to joel mcneely or someone else. The movie was ok, but not as good as the EU I've been reading for half of my life.

Long live the EU rebellion! 

Oh yeah, this song is dark and moody for chaz marshaling his forces.

153 preparing for battle 
Hot night - Ghostbusters

I don't remember this song being in the movie at all. Maybe it was. But when I heard it on the soundtrack, I knew it was awesome.

154 myrmidon and chaz
Dark forces plot - star wars episode I 

Using Palpatine's music is a cheap shot, admittedly, but I haven't heard anything else that would come close to working for myrmidon's theme.

155 B & E
Infiltration of the shinra building

Nobuo Uematsu's music to the rescue again.

156 Frontal Assault
Rebel Yell - Billy Idol

Another good fight song.

157 Clue:  hanoi-phil, in the auditorium, with the explosives
Danger man theme song

Patrick mcgoohan, aka john drake, was danger man and also the prisoner. He was so awesome as a spy, he was top choice for  

James Bond, and turned it down. There's no better music to defuse a bomb to...in a fictional story I mean.

158  Inspector Gadget theme

Frank needs working music for bomb disarming.

159  sprinklers
Blame it on the rain - milli vanilli...I guess?

Do you want to know what I'm talking about? Read the book!

160 spotted in the cafeteria
From man to man - ennio morricone 

Probably my favorite song from the first kill bill movie, and the blasted thing wasn't even on the soundtrack. It definitely is a good pre-rampage song.

161 rooftop rumble
Il trielo - ennio morricone

In an interesting turn, snake as the new phantom bowman gets 2 ennio morricone songs in his scenes when previously they're more linked to the original bowman. Does this signify that he's given into the persona?
Still, despite what I wrote in the book, this scene does apparently get an ennio morricone track. Or it would if I could manage it.

162 arrows fly, battle
Chronotrigger - 61 - last battle


163 - earthbound - final battle (the porky spider robot battle) 

RPGs have the best battle music, because there's so many, and especially when you come to bosses.

164 dark power
Giygas - stage 3 

165 dark power 2 

Giygas - stage 4 

In the words of someone at Marvel, 'nuff said. 

166 pray
Jesus paid it all

If you haven't read the novel, you really should before getting to this point.

OK. Done? Great!

Not surprisingly, I was of course inspired by earthbound for this confrontation in the novel. But more than that, I have put my own real life experience (sort of) here as well. Because, Ephesians 6:12 in the Bible tells uswe are not in a physical war, but a spiritual one. 

I don't want to spoil the novel, but, I have personally had experiences with dark power in the form of demonic attacks in the night also known as sleep paralysis, and it was only by calling out (mentally) by faith to Jesus Christ that the sleep paralysis stopped. 

So, when faced with the power of darkness, there's no one else that can save you. And while earthbound did not get that specific, it did show that the only way to defeat the ultimate evil is by praying. 

This is something I hope to explore in later novels. How does a Christian know when to pray, and when to act? Where do you draw the line between keeping law and order, and turning the other cheek?

167 mr. Suit
Atmospheres - gyorgi ligeti

Ligeti's music is as beautiful as it is strange. Not quite what I want for my men in black, but it's good. 

168 fruits of victory
Halcyon on on - orbital 

I guess there was a reason it was at the end if mortal kombat.

169 mr suit questions snake/chaz's captivity
Ligeti - atmospheres again

170 the sunset men
Ligeti's Lontano

Though the sunset men are accompanied by a deep bass sound, they should also continue to benefit from ligeti's music.

171 snake's notebook
Final fantasy vii - staff roll

Just a good wrapping up song.

172 the lair
Tourian base music - super metroid 

Not only does this convey the environment in the story, it also harkens back the music at the start and the character. 

173 the mastermind
Elder god - soul reaver 2

174 - 176 school dance
Night train, earth angel and johnny b goode from the back to the future soundtrack 

No comment on this...it does make sense though. Trust me. It will be explored in future novels.

177 frank's plans
Dimensional unity - ten72 

I love this album, and want you to like it and buy it also. They're not on YouTube, so go here to listen to the album.

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