Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Do Teens Read E-Books?

I was just thinking, primarily because the book I wrote is an e-book (Nook also), about whether or not teens read e-books.

On one hand, I don't see why they wouldn't. I'm sure many teens have smartphones and tablets, which of course are the main ways to read e-books. On the other hand, as a formerly poor teenager myself, I realize that smartphones and tablets are not cheap, thus limiting the opportunity for teens to read e-books.

I also recall when I was a teenager, I really liked having my physical actual book, and can recall as recently as 2009 seeing teens still reading the hard copies of books. The hard copy section of the YA section at Barnes and Noble doesn't seem to be going away. But will it some day?

Most likely it's some sort of mix of the two, teens reading both, but with the cheapness of e-books, what's the best way to get one's e-book into the hands of teenagers?

Any suggestions? Please comment below! 

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