Thursday, September 11, 2014

The (I wish) Art of the Myrmidons Novel

One of the biggest inspirations for Nick and I to start writing this story and the rest, was the art of our friend and fellow student, Kevin. He used to (and still does) draw manga style, and we wanted him to draw us. So he did.

That drawing inspired us to create the characters that eventually became Snake, Frank, and Connerlee.
As much as we like his art, he has been unable to help us with illustrations or a cover for the book. Mainly because he's busy doing some of his own projects.

So to help support his work, here is where you can find some of his drawings. If you want to see his illustrations in our book, bother him. Otherwise y'all will have to wait till I get better at drawing.

He's also done some fan art for Castlevania, which sadly is not shown. 

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