Monday, January 19, 2015


For those of you who are tactile oriented, the hard copy of "In the Shadows of Myrmidons" is now available!

You can buy it on CreateSpace here (we get more royalties at Createspace), or Amazon here. it is set at $19.99, partially because of the dimensions (about the size of a comic) and the width which is 560ish pages. I would recommend buying it only if you need a physical book, want to support the writing of more books, and/or are a huge fan. The Kindle is still at $2.99 and will remain so because I want the book to be as affordable as possible. When I was a teen, Star Wars books were about $4.99 and cheap and allowed me to buy and enjoy them, I would like my books to be priced fairly too.

Special thanks to Mark K. for the cover. It absolutely would have been impossible to bring out a hardcopy book without his help. It was invaluable. Thanks again Mark.

The text has been updated to reduce errors yet again, and some stuff was clarified or slightly changed. This will likely be the last time any changes are made unless we can get art for the insides. If you want that, pray for me to get awesome art skills or hassle this guy into doing some for us.

Lastly, if anyone has purchased the book, please leave reviews. Good, bad, ugly. Hundreds of books were downloaded for free, and there is only one review. Please leave one if you have downloaded. Be honest. If it you didn't finish it and it sucked, say so. If it was good, well, go to town.


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