Friday, June 5, 2015

Fun Stuff

Here's another bit of fan art, but it's unusual.

I have attempted to make a "Lego playset" version of the Highbridge neighborhood as depicted in the book "In the Shadows of Myrmidons" using Minecraft Pocket on my phone. It's quite pitiful, really.

My ultimate goal though is to have a reasonable facsimile of the Higbridge, Bronx neighborhood as depicted in the novel so people can play and explore the locations in the book. Once the neighborhood is put together, I'd even like to modify skins and such to reflect characters in the book and even branch out into stuff not seen, but added for game purposes.

At any rate, here are some locations from the novel, Minecraft-ized.

Ext. Alphacowomooga Sr. High

Same, but in shadow and with monsters

 Interior Entryway of AlphaCowomooga. Display case. (not a perfect interpretation)

 The Not so abandoned swimming pool area

Ext. Single Handed Sanwiches on the corner of Ogden and that other street.

Int. Single Handed Sandwiches. Not quite I had envisioned, but close. I'd probably have a few more tables and partition walls here and there. I guess in reality, it's based on a restaurant I used to work at that had a similar set up. I think it's a Whitecastle now...

A loose interpretation of Top Jimmy's Love Lounge

another Ext. shot of the school


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